Bedrock Industries is a third-party of JKEnterprises that specializes in Bedrock mining and tech. The current owner is steveninja54, the head of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja. Bedrock Industries helps provide JKEnterprises with state of the art defensive systems made entirely out of Bedrock. The company has multiple stations on several planets. Bedrock Industries has a distinct building style, making almost everything out of Bedrock.


Bedrock Industries originally started out as a small, ma and pa quarry founded by Moses D. Wakefield that grew to overcome nearby quarries. Soon Bedrock Industries grew to overcome the entirety of its home planet. After monopolizing the planet, the company sought to expand through Q Inc., but a ninja clan that the company hired as hit men disproved of this deal. Q Inc. was seeking to conquer the home planet of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja, and, in Ninja wars, ultimately withheld its offer from Bedrock Industries. The Ninja Wars turned the company in on itself, and it almost imploded. But, Daveninja1, took his remaining six warriors and slew Ben Rock II (the owner of Bedrock Ind. at the time) in an epic final battle. Bedrock Ind. was left in shambles, and 53 members of the 54th Order of the Rainbow Ninja lay dead. Steveninja54 took it upon himself to get the company back on its feet by striking a deal with JKEnterprises. JKE would protect the homeland of the ninja, and Bedrock Industries would provide state of the art technology and weaponry for JKEnterprises.

List of CEO's

  1. Moses D. Wakefield
  2. Lawrence D. Wakefield
  3. Gary Rox
  4. Ben Rock I
  5. Ben Rock II
  6. steveninja54
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