A photo of a basketball game from Earth, taken from the JKEnterprises Earth Archive.


Basketball is an ancient sport that dates back to Earth before its partial destruction. Humans have since brought the sport with them to their new homeworlds, and the sport has spread in popularity across the known universe. But, strangely enough, the sport was discovered to be in existence in Hoopiter Prime, and the games history in that system can be traced back to before human-exploration of outer space. Basketball leagues have become more complicated since more sentient life-forms are discovered, as some species have great physical advantages over others. Regardless of this stigma, basketball has become an Intergalactic Olympic Sport.


IGSR (Intergalactic Standard Rules) (Human Rules)

There are two teams of five players that must compete for the posession of a round, brown-orange ball. The goal of a team is to put it into the basket on the opposing team's basket. Upon a ball successful entering and exiting the hoop, the team who put the ball into the hoop receives points based on the distance of the shot. The opposing team must defend their basket at all costs from the team in control of the ball. However, if players are caught making harsh, physical contact they will be rewarded with a penalty called a 'foul.'

Hoopiter Rules (Baller Rules)

Basketball on Hoopiter is slightly different than IGSR regulations. The amount of points awarded to a team is determined by a panel of judges based on how stylish (or Sw@gg-E) the shot was. There are no fouls in this version of basketball.

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